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They Probably Know Things You Don’t

They Probably Know Things You Don’t

Do you think people just know everything you know–and don’t know everything you don’t know?

Working on a site that my colleague mostly built and I was trying to add a simple sidebar image. Although it’s not that simple, it’s a hover-over color change (goes from black & white to color when you hover your mouse over it). I took a look at another page he did and saw how he did it … although I have no idea how it actually works. Is it a plugin? Custom code? Just using custom fields?

The fun part is that I don’t actually care (anymore) how he did it, but I’m appreciative that:

  1. He did it.
  2. It works.
  3. I can figure it out.
  4. I can use it.
  5. Client is happy

Had I done it alone, sure, I could have figured something out, but probably not a solution as elegant as he had. It also would have taken me forever. Oh, and he just did it, I don’t know how long it took him, but it’s done, it works, and I’m literally smiling to myself. I’ve had “strange” feelings lately that maybe I should work together with other people. You know, human contact and all that.

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