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What Were They Thinking!?

What Were They Thinking!?

Our kids are thoughtless, mean, monsters. What could they have been thinking?

Oh, they weren’t thinking!

Update: Two weekends without “electrics” has been glorious. Well, not for the kids … but they’ve had to get creative with non-technology options for play time. Been a huge success!

At least, I hope they weren’t thinking because if they consciously did what they did and knew, realized, even slightly imagined how mad we would be, how could they possibly have done it? How could they think that we wouldn’t be mad? They even did it recently and my wife was in a rage. Maybe that’s it, maybe they want to see how much of a rage they can get out of us? Is that fun for them? If it’s fun, they’re having a blast. Should we just not react and let it go? They’re ruining, breaking, and damaging things.

Note to parents of girls: you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. We have two boys who are all about being boys.

Maybe it’s not even a boy + destruction thing. It’s more a respect thing. I know, I think the world of the word respect. I think most everything revolves around it. Yes, I do. But it’s true! OK, true for me. Anyway. It’s just a lack of respect for others. Not just others: parents! We’re not just others, we’re family! Don’t we get a little bump up on the respect ladder? Or maybe that’s just it: we don’t. We’re automatically down at the bottom. Down near cockroaches and ants … and Rodney Dangerfield. Ugh! Ach!

This is my brain on ... after the kids ruined the bathroom. Again.

This is my brain on … after the kids ruined the bathroom. Again.


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