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It doesn't get any better than this. Well, not until tomorrow.


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Earth lost an angel today.

The Pixar Pitch

Who can tell a good story? In a review of Daniel Pink's book ("To Sell is Human"), Jay Conner writes, "In order to move others, we need to become much better at clearly stating what it is we want and where it is we want people to go." How can we tell our story? How do...

We connect on a deeper level through audio

Here I am typing this whereas maybe I should be recording my voice saying it? I'm having all kinds of fun with my Repossible and Every Single Day podcasts, but writing is still where words come to me on the page. I'm dictating more of my books and posts. I'm recording...

The greatest nation off this earth

No typo. Not "on" this earth but "off" of it. If you have a passport to this nation, you are one of the elite. But you need to be allowed in. Border security can be pretty This is a draft of a speech for an upcoming event (maybe March 29). Here are my notes, outtakes,...