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Vitamix Your Compost

Vitamix Your Compost

Coffee grinds, orange peels, and slimy lettuce stinking up your compost bin? Vitamix it.

Love to compost your fruits and veggies, but maybe don’t have a big compost bin in your garden? Just blend it and pour vitamin-rich goodness in your soil. Our issue is that varmints (squirrels, rats, and raccoons) love our leftover apple cores, orange peels and pretty much anything that’s remotely edible. We don’t have a big garden, so we don’t have (or really want) one of those big bins where you put your foodstuffs and it decomposes. So I need to remove that middleman (the decomposing) and get right to something that:

  1. Is good for the plants.
  2. Is good for the soil.
  3. Isn’t that interesting to animals.

It basically makes something of a smoothie of your leftovers. I wouldn’t recommending putting chicken bones or something too, well, nasty, in there, but you shouldn’t really be putting greasy stuff in your compost anyway. But those über-powerful blades can take pretty much anything you put in there (within reason).

Full disclosure, we learned this from the Vitamix guy at CostCo.

The only trick is to put in quite a bit of water. Here’s how we saw the guy do it:

  1. Fill the Vitamix to about 3/4 with water.
  2. Cram in whatever you can.
  3. Let it go until it’s nice and smooth.
  4. Don’t drink it.
  5. Pour it on your soil.
  6. Water the soil so it lets it mix in and doesn’t leave a layer of smoothie-like residue when it dries.

Watch those plants thrive!

Rats and squirrels love your compost fruit and vegetables? Vitamix to the rescue.

Rats and squirrels love your compost fruit and vegetables? Vitamix to the rescue.

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