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This can’t be work. This is way, way, way too much fun.

This can’t be work. This is way, way, way too much fun.

Passion? Check. Perseverance? Checkola. Patience? Checkorama. Profit? The check is in the mail.

I just uploaded the, ahem, latest, you know, correct, more edited version of The Key to Markree Castle and I’m literally smiling as I type this.

I’m proud, I’m happy, I’m just plain giddy.

I’m totally winging it (no, like completely). I have pretty much no idea what I’m doing, but I’m loving every single educational minute of it.

On walks to school, I ask my kids about fictional bartenders in an Irish castle and the weirdest part is … they know what I’m talking about and answer.

I occasionally turn off the Xbox, even with friends over (I know, “Here comes my embarrassing dad … again.” I fully admit–that’s me.) and I don’t even ask my kids, but I go to their friends, especially the one with the Irish dad and ask him for tips on Irish slang and accents and how people talk. He gets into it, which gets my kids into it, we go for just a few minutes, then they fade away, they turn the Xbox back on, their eyes glaze over and their brains turn to mush and I have some content.

I would pay to have this much fun. Oh wait, they’re going to pay me? Wait, what?

Book number three is now available. If you wait a few hours, it’ll actually be the correct version, too. I’m so bad. I’m probably a publisher’s nightmare. But I’m having fun. They say if the writer is having fun, the reader will probably have fun. If that’s the case, the reader should be having a really, really good time.

I’m sure I won’t be as unprofessional about it all when book number 14 comes out. I hope I’m having as much fun, though. Somehow, I think I will be.

  • Possible: dream
  • Impossible: foresee your dream
  • Repossible: allow your dream

12/16/15 @ 23:30

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