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Write Your Worst Book Ever Challenge

Write Your Worst Book Ever Challenge

Barbara “Quantum Babs” created a 1-minute video to share her experience with the “Write Your Worst Book Ever” challenge. Use her links below to find out more!

Learn in the most playful way HOW TO WRITE, EDIT AND PUBLISH your book in just 10 days.

Challenge + fun + discount = irresistible combo

Stop procrastination!

If all you were waiting for was an easy step-by-step on how to write and self-publish a book for beginners, think no more.

The links below are all you will need to finally make your dream come true.

It worked for me and many people.

Sign up now to join the next 10-day challenge. And you will get a 25% discount with my link.


he book:…

How to write your worst book ever audiobook:…

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