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Honey, where are my glasses?

Honey, where are my glasses?

I wish I had a timer for the amount of time I spend looking for things.

No, wait a sec, I don’t want to know, it would be too depressing. It might add up to the lifetime of a small child …

They're where they're supposed to be.

Scissors? They’re where they’re supposed to be.

There’s a simple answer that’s difficult to execute. Like most “simple” solutions, it’s hard to actually make work. The answer to where things are is:

Where They Belong

In some restaurants, they have outlines of every knife and kitchen utensil belong on the wall. If something is missing it’s obvious. If they’re all there, it’s also obvious. No, this doesn’t help you find the missing knife, but it does let you know that it is missing and then you know also what to look for. Of course, in the kitchen like this but I have utensils and all knives outlined on the wall, you’d think it’s probably the type of place where they’re not going to lose anything anyway.

No, really, where are my glasses?

The nasty answer is, your glasses are where you last left them. Another answer on the nastiness scale is, your glasses are either where they should be or they’re not where they should be. If they’re not where they should be, then I don’t know where they are. If they are where they should be, then here they are.

We have a hook where we hang our car keys. You come in the door, you hang the car keys there. Then there is not an issue, no drama. No searching high and low for where they might be, no wishing we had a remote control or some sort of GPS device to test the keys, and zero time spent looking for something that should be where it belongs.

Everything has its place

If the thing has a home, no question, no worries, another time spent looking, no time wasted, and plenty of time to use the car keys to drive somewhere, maybe to a place where glasses would be handy to see where you are, or maybe to see that you forgot the map. Where is that map anyway?

Bonus: Travel

This is one of the countless advantages of travel: you usually only have a few things and a suitcase or bag. If it’s not in your suitcase then you don’t have it. You either have it or you lost it. It’s as simple as that. No stress, no panic, no worries.

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