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Looking for a men’s wallet that protects your high-tech credit cards?

I haven’t had a wallet since high school. I have a money clip that doesn’t do a great job. I don’t know what my issue with a wallet has been. But I have finally turned the corner.

Want to see more? Check out their site for colors, sizes, and demos:

We were in a little shop in Dublin, Ireland and saw the display for this wallet. European credit cards, more advanced than the US banks in security and technology, have more advanced chips in them. In order to help protect them, you can put them in cases that help them from transmitting information that you didn’t plan on submitting. Although I have to question how high tech it is if it needs a physical barrier to keep others out, but I’m going to assume they’ve got that covered and this fancy wallet is just to give it another level of security. Thus the name: Secrid. Secret ID? Secure ID?

That’s all wonderful, but the feature of the wallet that was most attractive was the little switch that pushed out the credit cards. You can have up to 6 cards and with the flip of a switch, they pop out of the wallet like a deck of cards that makes it easy to pick the one you need. In case that wasn’t clear, you don’t have to open the wallet to get the cards out, just flip the switch. If you need your cash, you can open the wallet.

Once I learned they were made in Holland (where my wife is from), I had to get it. It’s been a month and I have to say that I love the thing. The credit card trick is a conversation starter and I might as well carry some in a bag to sell as people want them when I push out the credit cards. It’s fun, stylish, oh, and I suppose it will protect my credit cards once we catch up with Europe and their fancy technology built into the cards. Until then, I’ll just play with the toggle switch and enjoy my new Secrid.

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