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8 Reasons to Write First Thing in the Morning

8 Reasons to Write First Thing in the Morning

Does it matter if you write in the morning or evening?

Your brain is different, the air is different, you are different. I dare say that you are not the same person in the morning and in the evening. So when should you choose to write? Let’s see.

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When should you write? It depends on who you are at which time of the day. [Morning glow, Namibia]

When should you write? It depends on who you are at which time of the day. [Morning glow, Namibia]

  1. Your mind is clear. You just woke up, there’s nothing going on in your mind just yet. Very quickly, information pours in. See what happens when you write first thing. See how it goes when you roll out of bed and start writing. Try it, you might be surprised.
  2. No news is good news. Not only is there nothing going on in your brain, there’s nothing yet happening in the world. Well, not until you’re exposed to it. You could write as if you’re creating the news instead of at the end of the day when you might report what took place that day. Without the influence of the exterior world, see what you have to say, write out where your pure news-free fingers take you.
  3. Confidence. Related to the first two, you don’t yet have anyone else to compare yourself to. You’re a rock star, you’re the only writer on the planet, maybe the only human. Go with that.
  4. Hunger. You’re not only physically hungry, but you’re awake (or will be soon) and passionate about the day to come. Also, writing on an empty stomach keeps you more alert rather than the sleepy end-of-day. You’re hungry for food, but you’re also hungry for creativity, progress and new words.
  5. Accomplishment. You can check writing off of your daily to do list. (You do have Writing on your daily To Do List, right?) By getting something as important as this done first thing, the rest of your day is that much easier. It’s off your plate and out of your mind.
  6. Do the hardest things first. Alongside checking something off of your list, you’re checking off a huge one. If you’re not a writer, you might not think this is such a big deal and you’d estimate that doing your taxes first would be something huge to check off of your list (it’s in the top 10), but if you are a writer, you’ll understand this one even more as it’s the biggest thing on your list and when you get it done first, everything else that day is smaller.
  7. Creativity wakes up early. You can edit later when you’re more rational and logical. But you know who wakes up first? Creativity. Write your most creative work first thing. Need to get that email back to your tax attorney with the questions about deducting travel expenses? Do that later … at cocktail hour.
  8. Dreamland. Dreams are the ultimate in creativity. Roll out of bed and see if you can write down anything about the dream you may have had. You’ll be amazed how much you can recall the sooner you start writing about it. Every minute you delay the clarity seeps away.

I’m sure there are more … but it’s late and, ahem, I’m just not as creative had I written this in the morning. Ha, little meta humor there for you.

This is inspiring to write a post, “7 Reasons to Write at Night.” Note that there’s one less reason than the morning … I’m biased.

When do you write? Why do you write then? Have you experimented with writing at different times of the day?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


  1. Kathy Burgos

    Great article and points. You’re right-our perspective changes constantly.

    • Bradley Charbonneau

      Thanks, Kathy. Maybe there could be this dorky graph of how our mood (and even personality!) changes over the course of a day!

    • Juliette chandler

      I need this info

  2. Kathy Burgos

    That would be awesome and I’m sure each day would look different-depending of course, on whatever swings our way. I think in general, its a good practice to write at different times and to try to train ourselves to write, despite the circumstances. Writing first thing in the morning is great though-like you stated-we are a blank canvas at that time.



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