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Write as if no one is reading.

Write as if no one is reading.

Or is it, Write as if someone is reading?

Do you write for yourself or your audience? Hello? Anyone out there?

Do you write for yourself or your audience? Hello? Anyone out there?

I got a well thought out comment that turned into a complete post in response to my post about file syncing versus backing up. It meant that someone actually took the time to read my post but also reply to it and then go so far as writing back a complete rebuttal post.

What I really liked about their reply was that it made sense. In fact, it made so much sense that I think they’re right and I should follow their suggestion. They said that although file syncing services like Dropbox are great, but you should still back up your files to a different location and/or service as a true backup.

What if someone is reading who knows what you’re talking about?

The guys who wrote back are techies. They work for a tech company that even offers backup services. They know their stuff. Was I writing for them? Not even close. I was writing more for someone who might dabble in file syncing and/or backup services. Someone who just wants an easier path in an overwhelming world of files, versions, photos of kids, sharing documents with colleagues, and whatever else we have digitally that we’d like access to. I was also just writing for myself as I had learned something (with the new Dropbox and terabyte of space for the same price I was paying) and I wanted to share it.

It goes to show you that if you write something engaging and someone is actually paying attention, a responsive, thinking audience, it just makes the work even better (by offering even more information).

So just write. Whether your audience is yourself or broader, just write.

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