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“Writing Workshop” Title Exercise

“Writing Workshop” Title Exercise

We’re hosting a “write a book in a month” workshop but not sure what to call it. Here goes.

It’s not just any writing workshop, it’s mostly for entrepreneurs or people who are looking to build a brand or at least “build” something and this book will either be the spark that starts it or the lever that kicks it into high gear.

I’m going to start with a few numbered lists.

Target Audience

  1. Small business owners
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Employees or corporate people who want to write a book to show their knowledge
  4. People who are committed to get it done (even when it’s hard, under deadline … especially when it’s under deadline)

NOT Target Audience

  1. Memoir writers
  2. Novel authors
  3. Fiction writers
  4. This is not to share the emotional rollercoaster of your life (also, they’ll never get it done in 6 weeks much less 6 years)

What are the students feeling BEFORE participating in the workshop?

  1. Scared (to be seen as full of themselves)
  2. Hesitant
  3. Worried (what will people think, peers, competition)
  4. Procrastinating
  5. Overwhelmed
  6. Lost
  7. Under qualified
  8. Lack of confidence
  9. Not expert enough
  10. “Why me?”
  11. Don’t know where to start (but they know writing a book is a good idea for their business0
  12. Don’t know who to ask (for help)
  13. Perfectionism
  14. I’m not a good (enough) writer
  15. My idea is not unique
  16. Alone (could use a team, accountability partners)
  17. Too many topics but don’t know which one to choose
  18. No idea what to write about (“What do I know?”)
  19. Not great at finishing things (but great at starting them)

How do they want to feel when they’re done?

  1. Proud
  2. Fulfilled
  3. Relieved
  4. Ready for more
  5. Accomplished
  6. One item on bucket list done
  7. “Why not me?”
  8. Finally
  9. Dam has broke, “What should I write about next?”
  10. First step in a long (and fruitful) journey
  11. “That wasn’t so hard!”
  12. “I am an author!”
  13. How can I turn this into ___________ (something beyond the book)?
  14. More confident
  15. Experienced (yes, they knew the topic before but now it’s a deeper knowledge and they can now more easily e.g. be interviewed about it, write articles) “I wrote the book on that topic.”
  16. Expert status: I really know what I’m talking about. (interviews, speaking, keynote speaking engagements)
  17. Building your legacy

How are we feeling as the leaders of the workshop?

  1. Experienced
  2. Helpful
  3. Knowledgeable
  4. Ready (to share)
  5. Giving
  6. Excited (for the future successes of the students)
  7. Curious about the stories (from the students)
  8. Looking forward to new challenges and questions from students (and then solving them)
  9. Sharing their wins and books
  10. Learn new things (from the knowledge of the students)

Time for some title keywords, brainstorming

  1. 1 Month, 1 Book, 1 New You
  2. Creating Catchy Content: from Crickets to Connection
  3. Book, Boost, Build, Bold, Brand, Blossom
  4. From Nobody to Somebody
  5. Experience and Knowledge Lost in your Head to …
  6. Known for being an expert
  7. B: Build your brand
  8. O: Own your space
  9. O: Own your expertise
  10. K: Kill your competition
  11. Get over your fears, write your nonfiction book, and build your brand
  12. There’s a book in every expert
  13. Ready to publish?
  14. Decide to …

Title Candidates

  1. Birth your Business Book and Build Your Brand
  2. Unleash Your Knowledge, Own Your Expertise, and Publish your Credibility Building Book
  3. The Expert Author Effect
  4. Write your Nonfiction Book in a Month, Build Your Brand and Heighten your Credibility in your Industry
  5. Boost your Brand with a Book
  6. Boost your Brand with a Book: from Best-Kept Secret to Boss
  7. Boost your Brand with a Book: from Best-Kept Secret to Brave Boss
  8. Boost your Brand with a Book: from Bee to Bumblebee
  9. Boost your Brand with a Book: from Best Kept Secret to Expert Enough
  10. Boost your Brand with a Book: from Hidden Gem to Expert Enough
  11. Build your Brand with a Book: from Invisible Imposter to Expert Enough
  12. Boost your Brand with a Book: from Invisible Genius to Expert Enough
  13. Boost your Brand with a Book: from Imposter to Expert
  14. Boost your Brand with a Book: from Invisible Imposter to Expert Enough
  15. Boost your Brand with a Book: from to Expert Enough

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

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