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“Treasure Map” Audiobook Chapter Sneak Peek | Thursday Thunder | S3E22

“Treasure Map” Audiobook Chapter Sneak Peek | Thursday Thunder | S3E22

Ooh, it’s a thunderous Thursday! 

Yesterday, finished my audiobook narration of “You Don’t Have To Intermittent Fast, Meditate, or Write a Book: A 17-Hour Journey to Clarity, Courage, and Confidence” and then this morning, I cranked out the audiobook narration of “I Love _____.” 

In the video below, I’m sharing a chapter from my audiobook titled “Treasure Map.” 

Just curious, but which of these sounds most adventurous? Which would you smile before you embarked? Which would you really, really like to do?

  1. Road Map
  2. GPS Coordinated Navigation System
  3. Turn-by-Turn Instructions
  4. Treasure Map

Maybe I’m channeling my inner pirate but I’m going for the Treasure Map. 

Enjoy this free chapter and here’s another gift just for listeners/viewers of Thursday Thunder. 

Get both audiobooks for free, before they’re out at the retailers. Here are the links to the direct landing pages of each book. Use the coupon code “PAYITFORWARD” to get either (or both) for free. 

Please don’t share this coupon code as it’s just for my Thursday Thunder listeners. 

Go create something this weekend! 

See you next Thursday from Madrid. 


P.S. The audiobooks are available now only via the BookFunnel store and audiobook app. If you get the books, you’ll want/need to download their app to listen to the audiobooks. 

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