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Yucca Fries

Yucca Fries

I’m always trying to Go Native and I saw this big ugly root of a thing on tables in the street stalls as well as in the supermarket. I wasn’t sure what it was, so I bought one.

Figured I’d try some Google Images to see if I could identify it and then find a recipe. I know the Cassava root from travels in Africa, so I found that and it turns out, I guess it’s the same thing. Disappointing, as I have previously written about how Cassava can also be used to make a plaster cast for your broken arm … oh well, doing as the Romans and all.

I peeled the root which improved its appearance considerably. I cut it into giant-sized slices for steak-size fries. Then into the hot oil and let them bubble in there until they were golden brown (I like my fries crispy). We sifted them out, let them dry out on paper towels, covered them in salt and pepper and they disappeared from the plate before I could bring them to the table.

They were tastier than regular potato fries. A bit of research says that they’re not exactly sources of, uh, nutrition. But they were delicious and we were going local.


  1. John Muldoon

    Man, I LOVE yucca frita! I’m so impressed that you made it.

    If you do it again, try making a cilantro, lime, tomatillo sauce. Super good.

    • Bradley

      The hardest part was identifying what we had! I just bought it without knowing and thought we’d figure it out later! Weird, but stuff like cilantro, limes and tomatillo sauces were expensive in Puerto Rico.


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