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City Not for Sale

City Not for Sale

Want to know the current state of the city? How about the future? Ask the kids.

We read the news, we see the protests, we experience the change. But what do kids think about the changes in our little city of San Francisco? CASA explores to find out.

CASA is the after school program at Rooftop Elementary School in San Francisco. They always have controversial topics in their plays. My conservative dad usually rolls his eyes and cringes when he hears the leftist propaganda out of the mouths of elementary school kids.

But it’s entertaining and there’s probably not much more authentically San Francisco than this play. ComeĀ over and see it, thee are two showings next weekend (Sat night and Sun afternoon). Come especially if you don’t have any kids and would like to see what what the future of the city is … or isn’t!

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