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Gearing up for 2011

Gearing up for 2011

Looks like it’ll be 2011 before I get this really moving.

I know how December is and it’s not going to be pretty–as far as getting things done. That’s OK, new year, fresh start, different perspective. It’ll be a good thing.

I’ll work in December on getting this site ready to roll once the new year comes along. I want to do a “Starting From Scratch” post showing there is zero traffic, zero readers, zero dollars, zero pretty much everything on this site. Good, truly from scratch.

I have been *thinking* about this site quite a bit: what it’s going to be, how it’s going to work, how it’s going to help me–and help you. More on that as the new year arrives.

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I don't like to call them excuses. They're priorities. With a handful of exceptions, we usually have a choice in our actions. They just need to be prioritized.

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