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I am out of the office until 01/09/2012.

I am out of the office until 01/09/2012.

The subject of this post is an actual auto-reply I just received. Wow, I thought I did pretty well on vacation time, but this is something. Today is November 11, 2010.

You might as well just cancel the email account. Well, no, this is better. You still “exist” but you’re actively not there. You’re actively saying that you’re not available. It’s a bit like you take the call waiting call to say you’re on the other line, but you don’t actually say anything, you just make it stop ringing, then go back to what you were doing.

This is the best auto-responder I’ve ever seen.

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  1. Bradley

    OK, OK, here’s the deal. She moved offices, moved email. The auto reply goes on to say that you should use this different email address (in China) and not the US email address. That spoils all the fun. She probably responds to the Chinese address. I wonder if she gets this email, though.


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