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$9.60 or $3,000: Which makes me smile?

10:30 PM and I’m working on a site. They’re paying me well. It’s a custom job where I’m tearing the poor original WordPress theme to pieces, but giving the client what they want. It’s taking a while, but it’ll be fantastic and they’ll be happy. I’ll be happy.

Earlier this week I earned $9.60 in affiliate commissions from a total stranger through ThemeForest. I was thrilled. I was a bit shocked. I couldn’t stop grinning. Big smile.

How can $9.60 make me smile more than $3,000? Because the $9.60 I earned passively. The $3,000 I’ve worked every single back-and-forth design-and-coding hour for. The $9.60 may have come through a post I wrote where I got quite a few clicks through to ThemeForest. I’m not sure. I should probably try to figure that out, of course.

Have to get back to the custom site.

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