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Hidden nature walks of San Francisco

Hidden nature walks of San Francisco

If you open your eyes, slow down your feet, and open your mind, there’s a whole other world in here.

This title is too large for the time I have to write it tonight, but it’s a post that I’d like to write. To be continued …

Since we got a dog that we, apparently, have a walk on a regular basis, I’ve discovered more of or fine city than the previous 13 years we’ve been here. I try to find a new path at least every few days and if you’re into architecture, nature, people, air, light, color, photography, construction, or … ha, that was a little joke. If you’re not into any of those things, I don’t know what you’re into.

But maybe that’s the point. Maybe you don’t have (read: make) time to be into those things. You know, people, air, light. Things around us. Maybe you’re head down and off to work. I get it. I go to work, too. I just take the long way to get there. In fact, I think I usually take the longest way I can find. Not that I don’t want to get to work, but this time of discovery is more fruitful (even for my work) that same amount of time behind a desk or, gasp, behind some efficiency machine like a computer.

It’s too late to write this post tonight, but it would be a good one. Part of this whole writing experiment (Remember? That’s what it’s supposed to be!) was to Just Write. See what happens. I think there are statistics that if you write 100 posts, some tiny percentage might be good. Hey, that’s better than writing 0 posts because guess how many of those are going to be good? Divide by zero, doesn’t that bring up an error on your calculator?

Hidden Nature Walks of San Francisco. There’s probably a book about it. I’ll have to check. But not tonight.

Can you see Sutro Tower through there? Can you figure out where this photos was taken?

Can you see Sutro Tower through there? Can you figure out where this photos was taken?

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