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You hear what the other side says, but do you listen?

You hear what the other side says, but do you listen?

You think you know everything they know and you know you’re right. They think the same. Can you both be right?

Yay! Politics-free post! Hurrah!

You hear what the other side says, but do you listen?

You hear what the other side says, but do you listen?

In the end, does it matter who’s “right”?

I’m, thankfully, not talking about politics but the independent or self-publishing world versus the traditionally published world.

A dear friend is in the middle of the height of her book publishing marketing campaign. She’s on TV, in magazines and just getting press left and right. As we were on the phone this morning, she said that she’s so thrilled to be with a traditional publisher.

I, on the other hand, am so biased towards self publishing that my initial reaction is shock and wonder. But we’re friends, so let’s talk it through. Let’s list the pros and cons of each and see where we stand. But then again, unlike, ahem, some topics, we’re heading in the same direction: to sell more books, to make a living as an author and to build a platform as a writer so that we can … write more books and the marketing will be (?) easier each time around.

We’re willing to talk.

We’re both firmly planted on our two sides of the fence, but we’re willing to hear each other, no, to listen to each other and truly discuss what they have to say. We didn’t have the discussion today, but decided that it’s worth an interview and we’ll post it over on the Book Sales Page site soon.

One thing we did agree on was that we can learn from each other and that, ideally, we’d both be doing the best of the both worlds and using what works best for us regardless of which camp we’re in.

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