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Be Prepared to Get Wet if it Rains

Be Prepared to Get Wet if it Rains

No, really, please: do you think, at all, about your audience when you work on your marketing material? Or worse, signage?

I’m almost at a loss about what even to say about this one. Maybe this would be a good example of a writing prompt to practice your writing:

  1. First thing in the morning,
  2. Last thing in the day,
  3. After a few drinks,
  4. As a competition at a boring party.

Maybe I just might not understand the rains where this sign is posted. Except that I do: it’s in the rainforests of Borneo in Malaysia and we experienced rains harder and faster and more powerful than I’ve ever experienced anywhere. So yes, you’re going to get wet if it rains.

I wonder if a professional sign shop would have an issue with printing a sign that was just ridiculous.

But I know that I’m going to get wet if it rains. Yes, I should prepare, but even that isn’t the point. It’s not that I should prepare, it’s not that I should remember my umbrella or throw-away thin plastic trash-bag-style poncho. It’s not saying that I should get prepared for when it rains. It’s saying that it’s going to rain and that I’m going to get wet. That I should be prepared to get wet, not that I can avoid it or do anything. Just be prepared for it. Again, not prepared for the rain, get prepared to get wet from the rain.

I’m prepared.

I should add that “if it rains” is also rather incorrect. It’s a rainforest, it’s absolutely going to rain.

I’m prepared.

Be Prepared to Get Wet if it Rains [Mulu, Borneo, Malaysia]

Be Prepared to Get Wet if it Rains [Mulu, Borneo, Malaysia]

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