• It's painful, brutal and necessary.

Cut the ties that are weighing you down.

It's time to sever your future from your past.

  • This is what moving to glorious Europe truly looks like.

You won’t hear about this on Facebook. 

The harsh underbelly of moving.

  • Is it shooting star or a full moon?

This is a special occasion, so it’s OK.

Who says?

  • It'll be OK.

Does worrying help?

What else can you do?

  • If your child is frustrated with piano, try this simple trick.

Trying to get your child to learn piano?

It doesn't even require them to play.

  • No one else is going to care. But you will.

Hi, nice to see you! Yeah, I don’t do that anymore.

I do this now.

  • 73-9 2015-2016 season is the best NBA record of all time.


If we say it's a big deal, does that make it a bigger deal?

  • Which is more important: lightning and thunder or slow and steady rain?

Are you a thunderbolt or a light rain? A sprinter or a marathoner?

But lightning and thunder are pretty spectacular.

  • Is this all your child eats? Or is all you feed your child?

My child only eats chicken nuggets.

Or is all you feed your child?

  • Are you dreaming about singing or dreaming about singing?

Dream about singing or sing about dreaming?

Are you walking the talk?

  • Do you have your exit strategy ready?

Plan how you’ll end something … before you start.

How often do we plan our exit strategy?

  • What's the worst thing for your lungs? The answer from a pulmonary physician.

What’s the worst thing you can do to your lungs?

It depends on your perspective.

  • The words are there, you just might have to set them free.

Looking to solve writer’s block? Here’s how: you’re just not allowed to have it.

Who said writers could corner the market on "block"?

  • Does practice make perfect?

Practice (Plus Passion) Makes Perfect (Painlessly)

You can practice without passion, but it's not going to help much.

  • You should stick with client management and website hosting.

I’m giving up writing and going back to client management and web design.

I miss the client phone calls.

  • Before tomorrow comes today.

Know you’ll get better.

Before tomorrow comes today.

  • Do you know what to do when it really happens?

Are you ready for when it actually happens?

Practice makes perfect. How much do you need for pretty good?

  • Need to get your passport renewed in San Francisco?

Best place to renew your passport if you live in San Francisco.

If you like waiting in line, this post is not for you.

  • But you have to care.

No one cares but you.

But you need to care.

  • What makes your eyes sparkle?

When are you a kid in a candy store?

Two hours just dropped out of the sky. What would you do with them?

  • Does it help to write things down?

When do you actually “do” what’s on your to “do” list?

Are little written reminders help or hindrance?

  • How would you name your company?

If you had to rename your company, what would it be?

Are you really who you want to be?