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3-3, 36-34, 6-2

3-3, 36-34, 6-2

Here are some scores from around the league … 3-3, 36-34, 6-2*

10 am to 9 pm: straight sports action. 8-year old played at 10, then UCLA @ Cal, then 10-year old at 7:15 pm.

A boy’s day out for sure, mom wasn’t even invited (but mostly because we knew she wouldn’t want to come). Soccer in the morning, then a full afternoon of sun-drenched, cold lemonade college football complete with exciting plays, passionate fans, and overpriced fast food. Let’s close out the day with a soccer night game with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Some might hate this. Some parents might wonder if they have any time for themselves, if they live their lives to please their kids. Things also change when the games become (even objectively) fun to watch. The kids are getting better, the level of skill is to a point where you’re impressed with a pass or some 10-year old does something you never did–and could never do.

The young boys are learning that they don’t always win. It’s a good lesson to learn. It’s not always easy, they’re not always the best, there are other teams out there that are better, that have better teamwork. It’s a good lesson, I don’t know if they really get this one … that 8 average players can beat a team with 2 or 3 superstars.

The Cal game showed us another side of university life that the boys hadn’t experienced: the band playing to a castle looking building (Bowles Hall) and the residents calling back in some ritual that’s probably at least decades old.

Finally, in a good example of why to not do too many events in a single day, we barely made it to the third game–after several bouts of traffic and just a long drive.

Been a long day, but the boys are still ready for more. A sleepover, more football on the Xbox, and finally reading to slow it all down.

Morning game, then a day game, and finally a night game.

Morning game, then a day game, and finally a night game.

* If you didn’t catch the reference, it’s from old school Saturday Night Live news skits. If you don’t know it, they just announce the scores, but not which teams had which scores. In fact, they don’t mention teams at all, it’s just the listing of the numbers. Good, old school thought provoking humor.

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