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800 Posts in 800 Days

800 Posts in 800 Days

Without looking back, I’m not sure what the last 100 posts were. That’s certainly a sign of … something.

One thing I noticed in this last bunch of 100 is that I did many (most?) of them at night. In fact, the last item for the day. Which is exactly what I don’t want to do, it’s how I don’t want to do it. The writing became a chore, “Oh, I have to do my writing. Ugh.”

I didn’t look forward to it and I often just banged out whatever I could. Still, conscientious “employee” that I am, I tried to at least make them presentable. Maybe short, but I tried to at least get a smidgen of “quality” in there. The end of the day is not a time for creation, however. At least not for me.

It was the first batch where I thought about stopping. At this point, I think I’ll keep it going until 1,000, but then reevaluate. My only goals over the next 200 are:

  1. Start (and finish) the next book in the Li & Lu series (together with boys from China)
  2. Guest post more (e.g. at all).
  3. Put the final coffin in my website business … maybe by writing about it, just not doing it (the work).

#3 is a little vague, I understand. But hey, it’s the end of the year, I’m allowed to make predictions. Maybe they are projections. Maybe they’re wishful thinking. At least I’m wishing. At least I’m thinking. Which is more than I could say for some of my last 100 posts … ! 😉


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