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Hurry up and go to sleep so we can hurry up and wake up.

Hurry up and go to sleep so we can hurry up and wake up.

It seems all I do is try to get them to bed so I can try to wake them up.

Just wake up earlier, right?

Just wake up earlier, right?

They have no interest in going to sleep at night. Then they have no interest in waking up in the morning. 2 days a week it doesn’t matter, they can go to sleep later because they don’t have to wake up. But 5 nights a week, they need to wake up earlier so they need to go to bed earlier.

I think my mom said this will get better when they’re in their … 30’s.

Somehow the math is just missing. They just can’t think of something so far in the distant future (i.e. tomorrow morning). It’s almost like the dog who doesn’t understand (or care) that we’ll go to the park tomorrow. There is now and something else that is not now.

As adults, we often struggle to “live in the moment.” Kids live in the moment so naturally the past and the future don’t exist.

I know we’re not the only household where this occurs. In fact, I think this happens in most. “Maybe it’s just the age,” we console ourselves. But we say that every year.

How to break the cycle? How to get to bed earlier so they’ll wake up (at all)? Just start the whole evening earlier. We used to do this years ago. Maybe it’s time again. Are we regressing? Probably.

Whew, late. Speaking of sleeping …

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