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Annual Photo Album

Annual Photo Album

It’s January 5 and I still haven’t put together the Summer 2013 photo album.

The second half of 2013 is happily over and I’m ready to start on 2014. I spent the second half of 2013 not working on my 2013 summer album. I did make one for my mother-in-law because I know how much she appreciates it. But wait a sec, I appreciate the albums, too. Why didn’t I make one for myself? For my family? For my kids? Just didn’t get to it.

  1. I love photography.
  2. I like building the albums.
  3. I love the finished product.
  4. I don’t do it.

What’s wrong with that logic? Everything … and nothing. It’s so typical. There are things you need to do, want to do, but just don’t do. It’s a balancing act, juggling, a puzzle. Is there not enough time in the day? Do other people have more time in their day? Of course not. It’s just priorities.

New Year’s Resolution: forget the summer albums, just build annual albums.

I’ve relatively recently switched to Mac and built right in is a photo album tool that’s easy and fun to use. Also a big help with photo management. But of course, that’s not the issue. The issue is that I don’t sit down and do it. This is the same for many tasks that don’t get done. You can wait around for that Free Weekend when you’ll get the whole thing done, but those are about as real in my world as Spiderman. So it’s going to have to find a place in a daily routine. Sorry, not find a place, I’ll have to make a place. How’s that going to work? I need to put it on the calendar. On a regular basis. Right there with client work, house work, kids, eating, and sleeping. It needs to be regular somehow or it just won’t get done.

There, I said it. I’m even publishing it. Now I can’t not do it.

If the summer album isn't going to make it, I need to get serious about an annual album. It's important. [Pepper on Baker Beach, San Francisco]

If the summer album isn’t going to make it, I need to get serious about an annual album. It’s important. [Pepper on Baker Beach, San Francisco]

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