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Don’t Blink

Don’t Blink

I was hoping for something along the lines of Private, but maybe it was the co-author.

A thriller by James Patterson.

A thriller by James Patterson.

I don’t know much about how it works with a co-author. I mean, I can imagine, but how does it really work? Does one author write it first and the other then proofs, edits, and suggests? Or do they both write a draft and compare and meld and puzzle? I truly don’t know.

After enjoying Private, I thought I’d give another James Patterson a try. But this was together with a different co-author: Howard Roughan. I finished it because it was painless to get through, but I was much more intrigued with the audiobook we started listening to on our long drive through California (Dead Heat). Maybe it’s just the writer’s style … duh. It’s almost only the writer’s style. In fact, duh, maybe this little reading exercise over the holidays is reminding me why you enjoy the authors that you do: because you like their style. You’d read (most) anything they wrote regardless of the subject matter.

Where do you get your books from? This one came from the wife of the owner at the … barbershop.

I think if I’m going to actually start reading (in earnest) again, I should be a little more conscious of where I get my books. This one came to me after chatting with the barber’s wife (who cut my hair) about what books we were reading. I don’t even remember her saying it was good, but she handed it to me and there’s something about books: you have to read them, especially if someone hands them to you. Well, maybe if you’re on vacation and you actually have the time for once.

Again, it was a quick read and a fun mafia thriller for the holidays. Maybe I should take books for what they’re supposed to be. It’s not supposed to be a deep, psychological puzzle, it’s supposed to be a thriller with guns and twists and turns. It was.

I should even be careful calling these posts “reviews.” I’m not really reviewing a book, it’s more a list to put down what I’m reading and my thoughts on it. Even if I’m going into meta reviewing and reviewing the style or author or co-authorship, I just want a place where I can see what I’ve been reading. Next!


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