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Anything Goes … in my Vitamix

Anything Goes … in my Vitamix

I’m putting together an in-depth article about how my Vitamix has helped me eat healthier, lose weight, and, bonus: save money. I’ll be posting it over at Repossible soon. This is just a teaser. 

The saving money part might not come to newbies to the Vitamix because they just don’t yet comprehend that with the Vitamix you can add just about … anything. Be warned, I’m becoming (OK fine, I am) something of a Vitamix cult activist: I talk about it at parties, bars, and, well, not yet, to strangers on the street corner. Just wait. But it is saving me money. It’s also helping me not throw away food.

I’m loving the Vine app. Below is a quickie Vine video of breakfast, left overs, and into the Vitamix. Bananas, watermelon, apples, mango juice. It all goes in. Otherwise, it goes into the fridge and maybe it’ll be eaten, but chances are better that it gets moldy and we throw it away.

  • Wasted food
  • Electricity to keep that food cold in fridge for a week
  • Water and electricity to wash the container it was in
  • Moldy food to the trash bin
  • Extra weight for the trash man
  • More in the landfill

Is that a coffee cake? Sure is. Uh, green juice and gluten-free? Nope. But it’s yummy. Adds a bit of cinnamon twist to my otherwise greens and fruit smoothie. Add a bit of yummy? I’ll take it.

I heard a murmur, “Is he starting a Vitamix cult? Is he going off the deep-end with his Ferrari blender?”

No, I’m just getting started. I’m unstoppable. Just wait.

Kale & Coffee Cake Saturday Surprise

How much of each is up to your taste.

  1. Fresh kale
  2. Fresh spinach
  3. Frozen pineapple
  4. Leftover mango juice
  5. 1/2 banana (or whatever is left on the table)
  6. Apple slices
  7. Watermelon
  8. Kiwi
  9. Ice cubes
  10. Vanilla soy protein powder
  11. Slice of homemade coffee cake that grandpa made
  12. Dried dates

[hana-code-insert name=’vine-vitamix-basic’ /]

Yummy While Saving Money. OK, kinda.

Yummy While Saving Money. OK, kinda.

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