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The one app that organizes your entire life.

The one app that organizes your entire life.

This app lets me store my neighbor’s back door code, the notes I took during a webinar, and plans for a new intake form for clients.

  • I just got off a webinar and I had some notes. It was a work-related webinar that’s interesting for me but also to my clients. I’ll just file that with the app that does it all.
  • I put the paper manual to the new lighting system in the filing cabinet, but I’d rather just keep the digital PDF. Oh good, I can save it in my app that organizes my entire life.
  • Finally, I had some notes on an upcoming client project. That’s an easy one, just file it where it should go using the app.

I know, I’m mixing up work and personal information, but that’s OK, this app can handle it. I can search or sort or filter to find what I need and also share what I want with who I want. Whew, glad that’s covered.

I can enter information from my phone, my tablet or my computer. It seems like chaos, but it’s all in there and I can access it anytime, anywhere. It’s secure, it’s cloud based and I can put in files, contacts, projects (personal and work), set deadlines, see calendars, reminders, to do lists, snippets of reminders, grocery lists, just about anything.

OK, OK, I’ll stop. I’m just torturing myself. This app does’t exist.

Maybe it’s better there aren’t single apps that do it all. There are smart people out there, they would have invented this already, right? I’m a smart guy, I haven’t invented it yet. But where do I put this information? How do I find it later? I have search, I’m good with keywords, but how often can we not even find our digital stuff? I’m not even starting with physical goods, those are way too difficult to keep track of.

Just for kicks, here are apps I’m using to do the above … and doing that not terribly well.

  1. WordPress
  2. Producteev
  3. Dropbox
  4. Google Spreadsheets
  5. Evernote
  6. Apple Notes
  7. Apple Reminders
  8. Google Drive
  9. LastPass
  10. QuickBooks Online
  11. RunKeeper
  12. My poor brain
  13. Paper notebooks (several … )
  14. Our Groceries
  15. PayPal
  16. Napkins
  17. Post-It notes

It’s really just a relational database, right? Just information in buckets and with keywords and maybe categories. Let’s see, how about permissions, cloud, syncing, backups. OK, I’m asking too much, I know. But it’d be nice.

Where’s that napkin with my notes on it?

Buy now! Oh wait, there is no app.
That's a cloud. It should all go there, right?

That’s a cloud. It should all go there, right?


  1. John

    Pretty sure this is just Evernote. 🙂

    • Bradley

      OK, OK, I’ll give it another go … 😉


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