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10 Days Until The 10 Days

10 Days Until The 10 Days

10 days from today, I start a 10-day retreat like no other I’ve ever done.

I’m both nervous and excited. Isn’t that usually the best combination of emotions? Either one is bad and good on its own, but together, they’re a powerful combination.

I actually have little idea of what to expect from my 10 days of no phone, no Internet, no talking, no eye contact, no reading, no writing. Basically, no nada. It’s a  meditation retreat that one of my closest friends did and, somehow, I’m now doing it too.

It’s called Vipassana and I don’t know all that much about it. But also, just like going to see a film, read a book, or meet new people, I don’t want to research or prepare. I want to be surprised, I want to go all in, I want to just experience it as it’s supposed to be for what it is. Not what I read about, heard about, or studied. Just do what it is. Be what it is. That zen enough for you?

It’s way zen. I’ll keep you posted for the before and after.

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