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17 Creative Uses for All of Those Extra Bags

17 Creative Uses for All of Those Extra Bags

Shopping bags, grocery bags, gift bags, they’re everywhere.

They just collect: bags, bags and more bags. Even bags of bags, bigger bags to hold smaller bags. Zippered bags so you can close up the bags that hold other bags. Folded bags to fit more inside of the larger bag. Shoulder strap bags you can hang up on a post. Gift bags from those gifts you received … when was that?

So below are 17 creative uses for all of those bags. Because let’s be realistic, otherwise they’re just going to sit there and take up space, or worse, take up space inside of other bags that are taking up space.

  1. Creative Use #1: Yeah, so I don’t actually have any creative ideas for what to do with these bags. I was thinking that by writing this up, the ideas would pour into my subconscious and I would magically find multiple uses for them. Uh, trash bags? Does that count?

In informal surveys, I’m not the only one with so many bags. There’s also the California plastic bag ban so that we buy permanent bags and use them at the stores instead of buying the throw-away plastic bags. This works extremely well except when you forget those grocery bags and you need to … buy more permanent bags. Then you bring them home and stuff the new permanent bags inside of the dozens of other permanent bags you bought … the last time you forgot to bring the bags that you bought in order to prevent more bags coming into existence except that you forget them so you have yet again more.

When does the vicious cycle end? When you hit 50 bags can you trade up for a single, gold plated bag? Then you’d only have one and often when you only have one of something (like a pen or a toothbrush), you don’t forget that one. Because it’s just one, it makes it scarce, important and unforgettable.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe we should just have one shopping bag or just one bag total. If we are at the shop and we realize that we forgot our bag we just make do, we carry things in our hands or we go home and get our single bag or we don’t buy anything and we return when we have our single bag. But we’ll probably buy another single, permanent bag and then we’ll have doubled our bag inventory from one bag to two.

Then it starts all over.

Bags and bags everywhere. What can we possibly do with them?

Bags and bags everywhere. What can we possibly do with them?

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