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How do you approach a giant task?

How do you approach a giant task?

As if it’s a wild animal, I’m not sure how to approach it … or if I should just leave it alone.

It’s probably not as dangerous as, say, a leopard, but hey, you never know what might be lurking the junk.

Stuff Stress

Stuff stresses. Too much stuff is just more stuff to stress about. It’s a bit “out of sight, out of mind” but when it’s in sight, it’s in mind. How to get it out of mind? Get it out sight.

But that doesn’t just mean hide it. What DO you do with stuff? I admit that I like “souvenirs.” I like this and that from trips, other countries, memories from being elsewhere. But what am I going to do with it? And when is that day that I do something with it? If I just hide it away, I’ll appreciate finding it someday in the distant future. I know this about me, it’s true, I will like looking at it someday in the future.

So that’s a few boxes. Fine. But what’s the rest of this stuff? Does everybody have just boxes and boxes of who-knows-what in their cellar or closets? Do you just need to purge more often? How do you go about it?

Bags of Bags

We have bags full of … bags. Tote bags, shopping bags (but more permanent, not just grocery store plastic or paper bags … I’m not that bad). They just collect. Like dust, like cobwebs. Is this a Salvation Army thing? Does anyone actually want these things? I think they accumulate because you’re somewhere and you need a bag, but you’re not near your bags of bags, so, ugh, you buy another bag. But then it comes home and ends of the bags of bags. When does it end?

When does it end? When is that time in your life when you make this happen? Today? Tonight? We have to clean out this room before Tuesday when my parents come. Guess I better go attack. Armed with an audiobook in my ears and hot tea. If I don’t emerge victorious (or at all), you know where I am.

How do we even have so much stuff? I think if this room disappeared, I wouldn't miss it.

How do we even have so much stuff? I think if this room disappeared, I wouldn’t miss it.

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