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Another Hidden Benefit of Walking to School

Another Hidden Benefit of Walking to School

This was painful to hear and see.

What a pretty fender. Hope it doesn't get crushed by another parent.

What a pretty fender. Hope it doesn’t get crushed by another parent.

We try to walk to school every day. The benefits are easy to list:

  • Exercise: for me, kids, and the dog
  • Dog: walking the dog every morning for a good hour (we take the park route home)
  • Buffer: the 20 minutes server as an important buffer for the kids (for me too?) between being half asleep and being in class
  • Familiarity: in the neighborhood, with the neighbors
  • Non-multi-tasking: there’s nothing to do but walk, talk, look, listen.
  • Fresh air

But today brought a crumpling of metal noise that was painful to hear, then anticipate, then actually see. A dad backed up while a mom was making a sharp left into a tiny side street and his back bumper tore through the metal of most of the left side of her cute little orange car. Ouch, ooh, pain.

If you’re not in a car, it’s much harder to be in a car accident.

As we walked by, of course I didn’t say anything, but I was more than happy that we were walking to school.


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