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Clarity • Courage • Confidence

Clarity • Courage • Confidence

Greetings from early morning Driebergen,

Didn’t have such a great day yesterday.

Then I:

  1. Fasted
  2. Meditated
  3. Created

Then I recorded a video of my narration of a new chapter form my upcoming book, “You Don’t Have To.” (

It’s 11 minutes. It’s a clear and simple path to the clarity to know what to do (and when and how), then to the courage: to dare to start, and finally gives you the confidence to persevere and finish.

Clarity: to know what to do (and when and how)

Courage: to dare to start

Confidence: to persevere and finish

Have a great day. B


P.S. If you’d like to sign up for the Easiest Book Ever:

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