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A Simple Path to New Clients with a Short, Simple, Nonfiction Ebook

A Simple Path to New Clients with a Short, Simple, Nonfiction Ebook

The graphic represents free books I’ve shipped so far this month (March, 2022).

I’m about to run the third “How To Write Your Worst Book Ever” 10-Day Challenge (WBE) starting on April 1 and I realize I often forget some of the longer-term, bigger, and sometimes more important goals of the challenge:

  1. To build your brand
  2. To get your message out there
  3. To get new clients

One of the free books below I wrote (and published) in a morning during the last WBE event (I’ll put a link to it in the comments–I have to say, it’s one of my favorite books). It’s called, “The One-Word Long Book That Will Probably Change Your Life.”

It’s truly 1-word long. And I published it. There are even a bunch of reviews for it.

It was 1 strong idea I had in 1 morning that I wanted to get out into the world. I formatted it, published it, and I’m proud of it.

Now, a year later, in the back of that same 1-word book, I have a link offering a challenge to write your own short book. It links to the 10-day challenge.

See how easy that was?

1.) You have an idea

2.) You publish it as a short ebook

3.) You put a call to action at the end (ideally, with some sort of identifier so you can see where the book is converting best, e.g. Amazon, Google, Apple, etc.)

4.) You gauge what works, change what doesn’t and improve what does

5.) You write another short book in a morning with another awesome idea

6.) Wash, rinse, repeat.

Want to know what the 1 word is? I know, it’s such a tease. But it’s a really important word. I think it’s possibly, probably, the most important single word.

What’s your single word you’d choose for your book?

Join us for Your Easiest Book Ever (25% off coupon thanks to Gern Blanston).

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