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Creating My First Product

Creating My First Product

It’s only happening because I blocked off an hour per day (for this week–but I’m going to do it, per day, until I finish) and I stuck to it. I have a gazoollion client emails, but I blocked off my hour. I spent an hour. Woo!

I’m not going to mention the product yet (mostly for copycat reasons, but also for SEO–don’t want links from here going there), but it’s basically turning a popular post on my website design site into a “product.” It’s already there as a post and it’s extremely popular, but my goal is to monetize it. At this point, if I make a single sale, it will be a success.

Today, I just created an outline for what the videos will cover. It’s a complex topic and there are many sub-topics (that I also want to get into) so I’m trying to map it out first so I have an idea of what is going to go where.

I wasn’t going to, but I’m going to click big, scary Publish button over there and get this little post live. So I’m “accountable” for this process going through to completion. Here goes nothing!

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