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Cruise Control

Cruise Control

It’s a bit haphazard over here at Sour Cream on the posting front, but I’m going with the “better late than never” approach.

Have been on a juice cleanse for the past five weeks (100% for 3 weeks, now also doing raw fruits and vegetables) and I’m now on Cruise Control. Was at a party last night where there were four huge, beautiful pizzas from Paxti’s and I ate … strawberries. The thing was that I didn’t even want the pizza. It looked pretty–and pretty tasty–but I had no interest. Not really even, “Ooh, I wonder how that would taste.” I know how it tastes, it tastes good. But not THAT good.

My dad told me about some quote, maybe it was from Weight Watchers, he couldn’t remember. It went something like, “No hamburger tastes as good as a pound lost the next morning.”

Weighed in this morning and didn’t lose a pound from yesterday–but I also didn’t gain one. Cruising.

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