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Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity

Looking for more entertainment? Have you tried nature?

iPads, films, even water skiing. It’s all good. But what’s truly adventurous is what’s right in front of our eyes … or above our heads.

I couldn’t figure out what all of the racket was until I looked up and saw two chipmunks chasing each other around a tree. The analytical mathematician in me just truly couldn’t comprehend how they “stick” to the tree. It’s not like they are mosquitoes who weight nothing and can cling to a ceiling. They’re not spider and spin a sticky web. They’re mammals. They have tails and fur and are quick, but how in the world do they hold onto the vertical side of the tree like that? They’re not even trying, they’re too busy chasing each other to realize that they are defying laws of gravity.

All Play After a Day’s Work

This was after they did their work for the day. They were way up the tree gnawing off fresh pinecones that then came crashing down with great onto the roof and made a sound not unlike the deep thud of a car crash.

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