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Best Tweezers for Splinter Removal

Best Tweezers for Splinter Removal

Getting a splinter out is an Ah Ha moment in life to celebrate. But you have to get it out.

You know those nasty splinters, the microscopic ones that remind you of the lion and the mouse and the pain the brutish feline is in while the tiny mouse is his only salvation? He’s in such agony, he’ll do anything to be free of the pain. They could have used better tweezers.

In a touristy shop on the Dutch island of Ameland, I found what I have been keeping my eyes open for over the past few years: tweezers with a magnifying glass. Not only that but this one had a light! Eureka! I was so thrilled I bought two. They were pricey (about Euro 12 or $17 US dollars), but I figured that if you wait years for something, you’re allowed to splurge (I suppose this could get out of hand … ).

On a side note of globalization, it’s less fun than it used to be to buy things abroad thinking that you’ve found a little treasure only to come back and find it at Trader Joe’s for less money.

If you have children, they are not still until the splinter is out. The crying will not stop until the pain disappears, the agonizing thought of having a foreign object in their bodies is over. It hurts to dig and you hate to see your child cringe at the site, but you know the outcome will be worth it. But if you can’t get it out, there’s no joy, no love, only whimpering.

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