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Does this collar make me look fat?

Does this collar make me look fat?

If your dog is overweight, is it your fault or your dog’s?

Does this collar make me look fat?

Does this collar make me look fat?

Not all dogs are like goldfish (who eat until they explode). My dog leaves food in his bowl most of the day. He picks at it sometimes. I suppose when he’s hungry. Other dogs will gobble up anything you put in front or (or anywhere near) their mouths.

Celery and Chocolate Cake

So no, you can’t really have your cake and eat it, too. Dogs shouldn’t have cake at all. Not every really for a special occasion. I’m no vet, but I’ve heard dogs are find on dry food alone. But this image of the “obesity management” food was sitting next to a huge (albeit practically empty) bag of fatty dog treats. So even if the dog has the “light” meal in the morning (or evening), he can’t then have the treats, snacks, and endless flow of garbage food the rest of the day. Or even if he has good stuff most of the day and then a whopper of a dessert, that ain’t gonna fly either.

When the dog gets so fat that it can’t get up the stairs anymore, you can’t reward it with treats at the top of the stairs. Your dog will love you whether you give it a cup of food or a huge bowl of goodies. In fact, dare I say they might love you more if you give it less.

Is less more?

Sorry, maybe there are other issues at stake, but I take issue with this whole thing. It’s not the dog’s fault. He doesn’t buy the food or dole out the portions. He can’t be held responsible.

It’s hard to keep to the diet of the dog–just like it’s hard to keep on a diet for ourselves. Maybe it’s even harder, you just want to be friendly, you want to show your love. Go on a walk, give smaller portions, buy less fatty treats. There’s a way where there’s a will. It’s not going to be your dog’s will, it’s going to be yours. Try to make it work, you can do it. Your dog–and eventually you too–will be thankful for it.

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