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A Free Pass to Breathe

A Free Pass to Breathe

The contract deadline and then the new project. Plus the plumber is coming and the science project is due. The spreadsheets aren’t proofed and the …


If you reply to that request with, “But … ” then it’s even more important. Here’s my gift to you:

A Free Pass to Breathe

It’s only valid a limited time (that’s up to you, you’ll know how long you need it–but set an end date now). But it’s a bit like a gym membership: most people won’t actually use it. They’ll be happy they have it, but won’t take advantage of it. Even though by going through with it and accepting that it’s what you need right now will be better in the long run, you’re too busy with how far behind you are to see how far ahead of where you were.

Take the pass, use it, enjoy it. Appreciate it like a gift, but one that you really wanted and someone knew you needed. You wouldn’t dare give it yourself, you’re way too strong for that. You know you don’t really need the pass, you know you can keep churning on and get it all done, all on time, all better than expectations and you’ll collapse at the end and sigh and you’ll breathe. But it will be more like a pant because you’re not really done. Well, you might be done with this, but you’ll get started on that.

Did you note the word free in there?

There are no strings attached. It’s OK. No, really.

It’s not a pass to do bourbon shots and put cotton candy around your gums like chewing tobacco. It’s a Free Pass to Breathe. It’s so simple. But it’s just so hard, isn’t it? I know, those are the worst.

  1. Accept that it’s OK.
  2. Take the pass.
  3. Give it an expiration date.
  4. Use it.
  5. Enjoy it.
  6. Breathe.

No one has to know but you. No one has to breathe but you. It’s yours. It’s free. If you don’t use it, I’m going to sell it on Ebay.

  • Possible: do
  • Impossible: finish
  • Repossible: breathe


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