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Are you a Freelancer or an Entrepreneur?

Are you a Freelancer or an Entrepreneur?

I thought I knew. Yeah, I knew, but it wasn’t what I thought.

It's OK, you can turn around.

It’s OK, you can turn around.

Do you ever read something or learn something and think you knew all about it, but realize that you didn’t and that you have a lot to learn? It’s a good thing in a way (not even more years thinking you’re something you’re not … ), but it hurts as well.

Seth Godin put it so concisely it’s almost painful in his article at American Express: The Difference Between a Freelancer and an Entrepreneur. For something this powerful, couldn’t you at least make it a 7-page article that I’d have to study and fill out a chart? But no, just a few lines, a few lists and I know: I’m not the entrepreneur I thought I was. Damn. Oh wait, I can change? Yes, I can. I am.

But ouch, that was a painful read. It’s only about 7 paragraphs. It’ll take you less time than doing a project that you shouldn’t be doing.

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