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Naar de Kroeg

Naar de Kroeg

What will you remember of when you were 10? Maybe when you were allowed to do something you’re usually not allowed to.

With dad, uncle and cousin biking to the village pub.

With dad, uncle and cousin biking to the village pub.

It’s the longest day of the year and it’s 8:30 in the evening and it looks like almost mid-afternoon outside. We’ve been bicycling in the evenings and tonight my nephew is also here so we were going to go the three of us: brother-in-law, me, and nephew. Just a friendly 45-minute cruise through and around the village. This is the stuff I love.

Naar de kroeg = to the pub

But they had different plans this evening: they were heading to a pub in the village. My 10-year old son wanted to come on the bike ride, but knows he can’t come to the pub. No one was objecting and he was giddy. It must be fun when you’re 10 years old and you get to out to the local pub with dad, cousin, and uncle on bikes through the forest and have a beer … or a Cassis.

One thing that’s so enjoyable as a parent is seeing, later, what kids remember.

We biked, we drank, we biked, we all tracked the distance with GPS trackers, talked about work in London and neighbors in Utrecht. My little guy was smiling in his chair sipping his Cassis and I hope he remembers this small evening, this hour of his little life someday and will look back and maybe crack another little smile … and then have a beer.


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