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Gargoyles in the City

Gargoyles in the City

You don’t see a gargoyle everyday. Well, unless you live in a castle.

This broken old soul was just one of three on our daily walk to school. Who buys gargoyles? It’s not something I could ever imagine buying. Even if I saw it for free, even a beautiful one, at a garage sale. I don’t know, they’re scary.

If we didn’t walk, we wouldn’t see, well, anything.

That’s what makes walking around the city so enjoyable–other people aren’t you. You see things you wouldn’t do, or ways to design a house that you would never do. Or to have a gargoyle protect your front steps.

I also wouldn’t think twice about it, or much of anything, if I didn’t write about it.


If I drove to school, I wouldn't see these things.

If I drove to school, I wouldn’t see these things.

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