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A “working” lunch

A “working” lunch

When you’re passionate about something, is it still work?

Talking time travel, leprechauns, dragons, and secret chambers over spaghetti.

Talking time travel, leprechauns, dragons, and secret chambers over spaghetti.

At lunch today on the way home from Lake Tahoe with two 11-year olds, two 8-year olds and a radio and TV producer (mother), I asked them for their opinions on Li & Lu’s next book. They were all much more excited about it than I thought they might be. This enthusiasm then spread to my boys and they were reminded how proud they were of the book. Interesting.

We talked at length about Li & Lu’s first book (“What was it about?” “Oh wow, then what happened!?”) as well as the upcoming book. I asked their opinions on what might they do if dropped into the first scene of the upcoming book (at a castle in Ireland).

The younger boy started immediately with dragons and killing. The old boy took my idea of befriending the barman (more of a barboy, really) and bringing it back to his great, great, great (he might have added a few more greats) grandfather and what happened with him at the castle. Maybe there was a conflict with the great, great, great grandfather of the night watchman at the castle. Something that happened in the past that affects their lives today. Although no one knows about it or at least talks about it. The 11-year old then suggested they might go back in history to change what happened which would then change the present day situation.

Whew! Already getting complicated with different aspects of time travel and how changing the past changes the future. This is all between bites of grilled cheese sandwiches, but the kids were giddy about it. “Oh, oh, I know. What if then this happened!?” They wanted to be a part of book three.

Wow, who knew? My own kids interest in the project was quickly rekindled and their pride was in glorious technicolor as they were the stars of book one. As the other boys showed so much interest and wanted to be a part of it, my boys were not-so-quietly thrilled that they were the heroes of the book.

This is fun.

P.S. The radio and TV producer mother had some brilliant ideas for the production and promotion of the book. She was excited about it and wanted to sign up for the class / workshop / course when it was ready. Wow.

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