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Gear Ties: How did I live without these?

Gear Ties: How did I live without these?

Maybe they’re glorified twist ties, but … wait, that’s exactly what I need.

Tame cord craziness.

Tame cord craziness.

I’m sure the founder, OK, maybe starting a sentence with”I’m sure … ” but in reality having not a clue as to what really happened isn’t the best, most journalistic approach to a topic, but hey, the damage has already been done. I’m already down here in the middle of the first paragraph. I’d have to go back, erase, delete, rewrite, rethink. Way too much trouble.

Sometimes I think I’m putting together this list of my favorite (completely dorky) items so when I’m buried, just like Tutankhamun, they’ll put all of my favorite things in there with me for the afterlife. But if I keep going, I’m going to need a pyramid to put it all in … or a cheap storage unit probably near a freeway that offers lump sum payments for long-term leases. I’m getting ahead of myself.

I don’t know exactly when I became such an organization geek. My office is currently a bomb-went-off disaster. But my cables are sorted, let me tell you! Or at least they are now. I was also using the twist tie thingies of the Safeway variety that would fray and eventually poke you like a needle and even draw blood (I know, I should sue). They work OK, but they’re not really supposed to reused too many times. Enter gear ties (I think they have a brand name, Nite Ize or something.

Make your cable organization fun! It’s a regular party!

Maybe I should have Tupperware-like parties for these. Invite over loads of friends (who I don’t like too much because they’re probably not going to come back if I invite them to such an evening) and see what we can wrangle up! I’m sure we’d come up with all sorts of ideas. Add a few bottles of wine to the imagination and we’d be forming an LLC before the last MUNI of the night. Maybe I should do it. No, I shouldn’t do it. I’d have no friends. At least, they might not ever want to answer my calls any longer Or emails. Or texts. OK, I won’t do it.

It’s late. I should stop. Maybe there’s a cable that needs some love. I’m going to go give it some attention. Do your cables need attention? What else can these cables do? I’m sure I’m just at the tip of the iceberg. I’m a gear tie newbie, after all. Imagine the possibilities. It’s going to be a wild night, let me tell you.

I ran into them at Home Depot, but of course they’re on Amazon (gear ties).

I need a new category: something like, “How did I live without these things?” Guess that’s a long name for category. Bury Me With These? I Can’t Live Without. There must be something shorter. Or better. Or I should just go to bed. 

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