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Living the Truth

Living the Truth

It takes more energy and emotion to hide your truth than to confront it. Well, in the long term anyway.

Can your past influence your present and future?

Can your past influence your present and future?

I don’t usually read psychology books (see note below), but he’s a good writer (also a novel writer, not surprisingly!) and he makes good case studies. From my past readings of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Keith Ablow, MD again brings it home that past energy isn’t just sitting there doing nothing in your body or system or mind or spirit. Maybe it’s hiding, maybe you’re hiding it, maybe it’s simmering like a subterranean volcanic lake deep inside. In any case, it’s usually not innocuous. So what to do about it? Live for the moment and forget the past? Not so fast, says Ablow.

Disclaimer: I knew I had a drive, so I needed a book and needed it fast. This was available on Overdrive from the library for free and immediately. I do think it’s a broadening to read beyond your usual scope.

Although it’s painful and just plain not pleasant, Ablow says we should confront our past memories and then move on rather than hiding them, burying them and pretty much denying and avoiding them. It takes more energy to hide and deny. Maybe a bit like it’s easier to just tell the truth so you don’t have to remember whom you told the lies to, which lies, and when. Just tell the truth and you don’t have to spend that energy and you use it for moving forward.

He does dig into the relationships with your mother and father and all of that psycho-babble I’m not used to. But it’s interesting and he’s a good story teller. He digs deep into relationships (father, mother, spouse, etc.) and how important they are and how they’re influenced by your past. This is where he loses me a bit. But a good read (or listen) and reinforces what I’ve been reading about how important your mind is: past, present, and future.


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