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Goal Weight … Revisited

Goal Weight … Revisited

It’s been almost a year since my original Goal Weight post and I’m back again with … just about the same weight and the same goal. It’s Weigh In Friday and I’ve been at it for 10 weeks, trying to get to 160 by December 21 and I did it! About a pound lost per week for 10 weeks.

But I’m back to where I was a year ago. I reached my goal, but it’s the same one I had a year ago. Have I progressed? Progressed and then regressed? Is that bad? Is that a success? I suppose it depends on the goal. Is the goal a certain weight? Or is the goal something larger: happiness, feeling good about yourself, succeeding, winning a challenge, sticking with a plan, creating a habit?

If I could show the graph of the year, there are some serious mountains and valleys. Specifically, the summer is a mountain and the winter is a valley? Why? Vacation.

Can You Travel With Your Habits?

What happened in the summer? My only half-joking answer is that I didn’t have my Vitamix with me. Since I splurged on the Ferrari of uber-blenders, I have used it every single day. No, really. I love my Vitamix. Does that mean I’m living on kale cocktails alone? No … but partly (bit less vodka for the morning shakes) . But the Vitamix has become my breakfast, it’s become my habit.

What happened? I was out of my zone, away from the routines I know and love–and survive by.

But the fact that the Vitamix weighs more than my carry-on is an excuse, of course. What really happened is that I was out of my zone, away from my routines, out of reach of my habits. But can’t I take my habits with my on vacation? You can try. Best of luck. I find this one of the hardest things to do.

There you are on your Lounge Chair of Timeless Oblivion and someone offers you yet another baguette with a thick slice of Camembert. There are few things as beautiful in my world. One is OK, but when do you stop? Your 6-year old is eating a baguette per morning. Can you pinch a flaky bite? Maybe a little jam? OK, a “thin” slice of Camembert. It’s the same brand as when you studied here, it’s for old-times sake. I can do old-times sake every day. I’m terribly sentimental. Especially when it comes to food.

So how do you win the Battle of the Bulge on vacation? Make new, if temporary habits. Go crazy, have the slice of baguette and creamy-yet-a-touch salty cheese of your youth. New habit #1. New habit #2: walk or run more that same morning. New habit #3: skip dinner once a week. Take a night friends and relatives won’t be too disturbed and skip out on dinner. A once-a-week mini-fast does wonders for my sleep, my mood, and my morning energy. I often don’t have the willpower sitting at the table and it’s kinda rude to not sit with your family for dinner, but if it’s the difference between make or break? Sorry, darlin’, I have to step outside for half an hour. They’ll get over it.

2013 is almost here. My goal? Smooth out those mountains and valleys. Maybe more like rolling hills.

Goal Weight Again


  1. John

    Great post, and congrats on re-reaching your goal weight.

    Brings up an interesting idea about habits. Habits have something called a “cue”. That’s the thing that, well, cues us to take our habitual action. There are all kinds of cues: time, place, people, situation.

    It seems like your cue for healthy eating starts with (a) mornings and (b) being at home, or being with your Vitamix. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, that’s fabulous.

    So, what if you’re not at home? Could you have a healthy habit that was more … portable? Or at least more portable than a Vitamix? 😉

    Sure, it just might not be the same habit you currently have. If we want to get really intentional with our habit creation, it’s helpful to choose a cue that can happen anywhere. Like, doing something first thing in the morning, or going for a walk at 5:00 every day. That stuff can happen anywhere.

    • Bradley

      Thanks, John. Maybe you can help set up a tool kit, “The Habits Suitcase” or “Have Habits Will Travel.”

      Toothbrush? Check. Tickets? Check. Habits? Hmm.

      Could be something really helpful for people who can’t seem to sneak their blenders as carry-on … 😉


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