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Late Night Barceloneta

Late Night Barceloneta

Cava Sangria, Italy vs Spain goes to Penalties, Football on the Beach and Late-Night Paella Soup Kitchen

Notes from a scratchpad that I apparently thought were worth holding onto.

Sales guy at the front who says anything is possible: “Split the paella between a seafood and a vegetable paella?” “For you? Of course!” The waiter, later, of course, said it wasn’t possible. We brought Mr. Possible together with Mr. Impossible and the worked it out so that Mr. Possible won this battle–but I’m sure this wouldn’t be the end of it.

Spain versus Italy in the Confederation Cup in Brazil that went the full 90 minutes then into extra time and finally penalties. We met friends of the owner who were also interested in the game. At some point during the extended time and after Liam managed to eat every one of the desserts arrived that we didn’t ask for, they gave us (well, Liam) their entire plate of desserts almond cakes, chocolate mousse mini-cakes and other pastry delights.

Luca barefoot on the pavement outside of the restaurant. Playing with the locals.

As the restaurant closed, they set up a single table outside of the side of the restaurant with a huge wok of paella and a few not-very-homeless guys came out of the woodwork. The restaurant provided aluminum trays and gave generous portions of delicious paella to the guys in the short line.

Saskia gets her purse snatched at the last minute before they come home and screams and yells, calls for police and scares away the Spanish bad guys.

Late night antics in a fun part of town.

Late night antics in a fun part of town.

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