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Winners Gonna Win. Whiners Gonna Whine.

Winners Gonna Win. Whiners Gonna Whine.

Who you are is a choice. The choice is yours.

I just don’t really go for the genetics, fate, cards dealt reasoning. Sure, maybe there’s a little bit there, but even that is still malleable.

Take genes for example. I ain’t no doctor, but as far as I understand it, genes exist but may or may not be activated. So, sure, you might have the genes, the disposition, to be/get/have this or that, but it doesn’t always open up. I envision a bunch of eggs and if one gets broken open, it might activate. Even then, it might not, or it might get crushed or beaten down. Or sure, it might activate and do its thing. Even if it does activate, why did it activate? What caused it? If you can figure that out, what might deactivate it? It was dormant, maybe it will go back to sleep, maybe it needs to be put back to sleep. Maybe it needs to be told to go back to sleep.

Winners have more chance of winning because the whiners are too busy whining to compete.

Let the whiners whine. At the finish line, they’ll just whine some more. If they want to get into the game, they can get the act together and give it their best next time. No whining before, during, or after.

I actually don’t even care about winning as much as I care about not whining. In fact, I think the stronger person is the one who competes and quietly comes in second or third and doesn’t whine. That’s still silver or bronze. But what if it’s not a competition? What if it’s a race to survive? Whoever crosses the finish lines is a winner. The whiners are probably still back at the starting gate whining about … something. Maybe they didn’t even get to the gate, maybe they didn’t even start. Too bad. More room for the winners to win. All of them.

Winning isn't about winning, it's about being in the game. (Billboard in the MUNI, San Francisco)

Winning isn’t about winning, it’s about being in the game. (Billboard in the MUNI, San Francisco)

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