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The best way to see Marrakesh–or any city

The best way to see Marrakesh–or any city

Faster than walking, more connected than driving, cycling is the best way to truly experience a place.

Founded by a Dutch woman (duh, of course!) and helping the local Moroccan community, Pikala Bikes is doing city bike tours right. Here’s a bit from their own site.

Pikala uses the bicycle to educate and employ the local youth in the tourism and technique sector. By training local girls and boys to become professional bicycle tour guides Pikala provides them with an extra income. Pikala also has a training program for young locals to become bicycle mechanics. Trained by European bicycle experts Pikala facilitates knowledge exchange between Europe and Morocco trough educational activities such as traffic safety lessons, cycling lessons for girls and the student bike project.

— Pikala Bikes, Marrakesh, Morocco

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